Creating space to live life in community

October 19, 2017

Jesus demonstrated life in intimacy with three men. These men were invited in a little closer. For Peter, James, and John, life with Christ looked different. They were the ones invited up the mountain around the transfiguration of Christ, they shared in the healing of Jairus’ daughter, and were invited to go a little farther in the garden of Gethsemane.


How do we engage creating space to live life in this kind of community?


Last Sunday we talked about creating space, communicating expectations, and being vulnerable.  I am fortunate to have a pretty strong inner group. Men who have become accountable for me. Men who will go behind enemy lines and prepare for extraction. But this did not come easy.


Going for broke can feel exposing. In our brokenness we have a tendency to isolate, to cover, to live “safe”. Truth is, none of those postures actually bring life. The fruit in my life, resulting in living in reckless abandon with these men, has created a richer life. I am more endeared to them and their story.


One of the postures that has most life is transparency. Transparency has created space to realize my pain, sorrow, struggles, and victories are not unique. Transparency reveals that we share more than life, we also share experience.


I am not alone, I am not the only one struggling. As I have made the volitional choice to trust these men, it has not returned void. They have cared for and fought in my struggles, as they have also laughed their heads off in my moments of joy.


My continued invitation for you is to go for broke. To allow yourself the opportunity to look out for and run after people that you can invite to go a little further into the garden with you. When you do, do not listen to the lie of the enemy that says to you, “they will not understand,” “That is too much,” or “They will reject you for that.” It’s not true.


What will probably happen is they will respond in love and grace, and more than likely say to you, “Wow, you are not alone, I too have struggled with that.”


In Him,


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