Community, for me, has morphed during this season. What has historically been what I called "community" has broadened. It has taken on different space. What was confined to a small town has grown over time.


What has not changed is the intimacy I share. Although it feels big, truth is it is still quite small. I am extremely blessed to share in a Cornerstone community. I am privileged to share a life of community with so many and in varying spheres of connection. Some in my community I get to rub shoulders with on Sunday, others I get to share in ministry together, a Bible study or small group, and still others, I share very intimate space with. People I share the deeper parts of my heart with, people I am accountable for and not just to.


God’s word has a lot to say about community. When I reflect on the life of Christ, he demonstrated community so well. We can see that Christ very intimately shared life with three men. When we look at the Gospel accounts, we see that Peter, James, and John were very close to Christ, they shared what the other disciples did not share, things like the mount of transfiguration.  It was Peter who stepped in and defended Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, it was John who leaned in to Christ during the last supper, it was James who simply believed that Jesus was more than a carpenter from Nazareth or just his bigger brother. Jesus was very close to three men, He shared his life with twelve men, He did ministry with the seventy-two, and shared heaven coming to earth with the five hundred. All intimate, all contributing in special ways, and all giving and receiving value. It was in the dynamic of this community that Christ changed the world.


My thought is, if Christ valued community, shouldn’t we?


Being a part of Cornerstone is more than a corporate gathering. It is more than coming to a service. It is sharing in the depth of community that Christ demonstrated so well. It is creating space to have people very close, people that will walk up the mount of transfiguration with you, people who you live life with, those you hang out with in common interest and serve the body of Christ, all of which is found in the bigger context of our community as a church family. Truth is, if Christ valued so many levels of community it is safe to say that it is part of our DNA, part of what makes us whole. I want to invite you into the intimacy of community, to embrace the depth of what Christ demonstrated, it is of great value and life to us! Stay tuned in the weeks to come as I give you some great ideas to play out this multi-layered life in community.


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