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October 27, 2015


Greetings Church family!!!


I pray that your week is full of what God has for you. As I have reflected on the life of Tychicus, I am encouraged by a story that has memorialized a man for you and I to emulate.  What will you be remembered by when you are gone?  Will you be known as a great athlete, good business owner, someone good with money?


As I have gotten older, I have found that what I wanted to be remembered by earlier in life has faded in the background and what has become most important to me is to be a man remembered by his heart for the Kingdom, being a great dad, a man of faith, someone who can be trusted, a man who will walk the extra mile with you.  Paul memorializes Tychicus as a man that was a dear brother, a faithful minister, and a fellow servant. These characteristics do not come easy. These are words of endearment, words that have depth of meaning behind them. I believe what put Tychicus in this place is the value he placed on three things:


1. Tychicus was a man of calling.  We in the church often think of calling differently than I believe Tychicus did.  Often we get caught up in “calling”. I hear often, “God just has not called me to that, pastor.” It’s funny to me that I have never heard anyone say to me that they are called to clean the church or to shovel snow. When we look at Tychicus he was a man that was simply called to minister.  If it was in his power to do good, he did it.  In Acts 20 we find him taking the offering from the Gentile church to the struggling church in Jerusalem. In Colossians 4 and Ephesians 6 we find him taking letters to the churches and speaking on Paul’s behalf to encourage the body of Christ. In Titus 3 and II Timothy 4 he is sent by Paul to relieve Titus in the church at Laodicea and Timothy in Ephesus so they could visit Paul in Rome.  Tychicus simply ministered in the place he was needed and was never short the task he was given.


2. We see that Tychicus  was faithful.  Today we live in a culture that has been taught to buy new rather than fix old. Today, it is often cheaper to buy a new TV than to fix your old one.  Unfortunately, this often translates into our relationships; we often give up when relationships, churches, jobs, or marriages do not give us what we want at the time. Or when they run into difficult times, we trade them in and get new ones rather than fight for what we have and fix what is broken. In our relationships, it is not always how we start but how we finish that counts.  For our relationships to grow we have to be there until the end. We have to be willing to stay present and not give up. We are to fight for our churches, our families, and our friendships. Tychicus was with Paul to the very end.  In II Timothy 4 we see that unlike Demas, who abandoned Paul in the time he needed him the most, Tychicus showed he was willing to finish as well as he started and Paul sees it fit to send him to Ephesus


3. Finally, Tychicus was trustworthy. When we observe Tychicus in ministry, he was given huge responsibilities and was never short the task.  Paul trusted him to take Holy Writ to Colossae and Ephesus. He was trusted to represent Paul and speak on his behalf. Finally, when the chief elders of Laodicea and Ephesus were asked to come and be with Paul, he thought to send Tychicus to relieve them and keep the ministry going.


When I reflect on these characteristics, I see why Paul said and we will forever know Tychicus as a dear brother, a faithful minister, and a fellow servant of Jesus Christ.  


In Him,

Pastor Charlie

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