Grace, seasoned with salt

September 8, 2015


Greetings Family,
I pray, as always, that you are drinking deep of all that God has for you!! This week I want to encourage us as a body to be intentional in the way that we engage those outside of the church. Truth is our actions and the words that come out of our mouths matter! The word tells us that this is a skill that we develop.  We are intentional in the way that we wake up and hone in our skill of interaction.  A wood smith is able to do things with wood that dazzles the mind and is appeasing to the eye.  They have studied the wood, they have developed skills and new ways of working with the wood, so that, they put together a piece of art. We are to take on the same mindset as we engage those within the church.
One of the best ways to do this is to make sure our conversations are full of grace and seasoned with salt. Grace is the language of the Kingdom of God.  Our conversation should declare a life of un-merited favor. I am grateful that I do not get what I deserve but that God lavishes on me the favor of heaven.  A conversation full of grace that is seasoned with salt invites people into the Kingdom.  We talk of God’s grace and the way we say it, the words we use, well, that is the flavor behind it. Salt not only makes it taste good, but it preserves our conversation.
When we do this, it helps us make the most of every opportunity.  I love this saying, because it really means, that we buy something cheap so we can sell it later for a big profit.  I love this.  When our conversation is full of grace seasoned with salt, we are buying up credibility and favor, so that, one day we can cash it in as we lead them to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
To do this, we need to understand the language of grace; we cannot give what we do not have. Meditate on these declarations of grace as we navigate through the grace of God’s word. As this becomes integrated in the moral fabric of our lives we will begin to hone in a skill that carefully crafts the language of His Kingdom.
* You are loved
* You are the righteousness of Christ
* Here is no condemnation in Christ Jesus
* Moses I am greater than your deficiency.
* Joseph I will make your dreams come true
* Elijah I will encourage you when you are discouraged.
* Job tells us that God will restore what the devil robs from us.
* I will comfort those who mourn
* I called you by name you are mine
* I am the way the truth and the life
* I have come that you might have life to the fullest
* You are worth it.
* Zacchaeus I see you
* Lady at the well I am not ashamed of you
* Lady caught in adultery, I don’t condemn you
* Peter when you mess up I will restore you
* Through the great commission I trust you
* At the cross I forgive you
* In the raging sea I will come to you
* As he speaks to the storm I will calm your fears
* To the man born blind I will heal you
* You are valuable: The price placed on you is nothing short of his son.
* You are precious.
* As we are seated with Christ, he places us above rule
* With the Holy Spirit he says. “I will empower you, comfort you, guide you, I will make myself known to you.”

In Him,
Pastor Charlie

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